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ICELED 3 watt and 10 watt Sky Strobe

ICELED 3W and 10W Sky Strobe

ICELED Sky Strobe provides a powerful combination of strobe and navigation light capable of displaying any of seven user-determined colours for use on all forms of R/C models and multi-rotor platforms. While requiring no more than a simple battery connection, each device has a Sync/control wire that can be connected to other devices, including a Servo Channel, to

synchronise the strobes and control the navigation light intensity. Switch-mode power regulation enables the device to be powered from virtually any battery supply.


Feature summary

- High visibility light source
- •7 different colours from one device
- •Stand-alone or Synchronised Strobing effects
- •Compatible with Servo Control
- •Operates from a wide range of supply voltages


Wiring schemes

There are numerous wiring options. Multiple devices connected by the Sync wire will synchronise Strobe flashes. If this common Sync connection is also taken to a R/C servo channel, the intensity of the navigation light will be determined by the servo level on that channel. The Strobe remains at maximum brightness until the minimum servo level is reached, at which point the device is effectively turned off altogether.


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